Kelly Snook

This site is under construction. In the meantime, if you are interested in more information about me or my current and past work, you might find my Linked-in profile helpful and you can read more about my current projects at the links below.

Concordia – A new immersive musical instrument coming in 2019 for playing the music of the spheres to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Johannes Kepler’s publication of “Harmonies of the World.”

It’s Not Rocket Science Studios – My recording studio in Lake Oswego, Oregon, where I am currently working on independent recording projects with Luke Slott, Caeli Lohr, and Ramine Yazhari

The Mi.Mu gloves – Boundless expression

The Sun – An extemperaneous gloves musical exploration by Kelly Snook of a poem by formerly imprisoned Iranian poet Mahvash Sabet

The University of Brighton Fab Lab – A place to make almost anything